Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snowstorm Will it ever end?

It's still snowing! My balcony is half full. Oh my. What a change from a few days ago when it was plus 5 and all the snow was pretty much melted. Now it's minus 8 (not bad) but all the snow. Will it ever stop? Sure it will. This is Saskatchewan after all. I guess it's nice to have snow for Christmas. I was wishing for a green one though. I know, in my dreams. The snow started last night while I was at the Dr. office and has continued all night and day. It looks very pretty , but you know what this means don't you.
Shoveling SnowLot's of shovelling!
Snowplow Snow Blower And plowing! But kids really love to Sleigh play. Fun times for children. Christmas break is nearing and it will be so much fun for the kids young and old to get out and play. I just don't like the driving in it and shovelling. I'm sure thankful for a nice warm house to live in though. Cheers all. Stay warm!


gimpa said...

it will stop snow ing when it is still home today.still got head ache?love you a bunch.Dad

Anonymous said...

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