Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I changed my mind.

I don't care if kids have snow to play in for Christmas. I was just outside and the weather is dreadful. I had to get something from my car and the whole thing was litterally a block of ice. I'm not joking. It not only had 2 feet of snow on it, it also had an inch of ice all over it. I was shovelling, chipping, scraping and shovelling to get my car opened. It's okay for people who have nice warm garages to park there old Betsies in . But for most of us it's not so nice. I'm telling you it sucks. I'm off to shovel more because there is about 5 feet of snow drifted behind my car. Okay I'm joking about that. It's only 3 feet. Happy shovelling to all my fellow snow buddies.

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