Sunday, December 04, 2005

I am so thankful for internet and the world of instant messages. I just got this cutie picture of me Darlin girl Abby. I know it was taken only days ago in Calgary on the trip to Summerland. What did our ancestors do? They had to wait months to hear about loved ones and how things were going. My grandmother waited many months to hear if her dear one was safe over seas serving in the war. Wow, how hard it must have been for her waiting and wondering. It is the times of instant everything. And in cases such as these I'm thankful for it. I get to see my sweet girl Abby progress and grow. How wonderful. Isn't she so cute. What a darling!


Michelle said...

Isnt it wonderful though. I hear Brian and Tiffany got them a webcam so as soon as they are settled we can get live feed!!!

kelle said...
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