Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Snowball Fight Whoops I did it again!

I know I said I would never go back to that awful doctors office again. I know I said the last time , would be the last time. But I did it again. It's so close to my place and I had such a migraine. I thought to myself, this visit will be different. It wasn't! I sat and waited for 1 1/2 hours( I not exagerating) while I listened to the Dr. chit chatting with other patience. Oh my aching head. I don't know if any of you out there suffer from migraines but it's so bad. All I wanted was to be in bed. I never would have gone out in the blizzard, if it weren't for my job needing a Dr. certificate. I missed work today because of this stupid thing. As I sat and tried to think of nothing and block out the light with my jacket, I peeked around the room. I'm sure it's the same room I was in the last visit. It was still just as filthy if not more. I was so ready to jump up, take my health card off my file on the out side of the door and bolt. But what stopped me from going somewhere else was the thought of waiting in another long string of people. Plus I'd have to take the time to drive some where else. I felt it better to just stay put. Finally the Dr. came. Lucky for him he was so kind and sympathetic. He was also very apologetic. As I sat in his office, his computer froze twice. He felt bad. I learned that he didn't have lunch at all because it was so busy. I guess that comes with walk in clinics. Your time is really not your own. I finally got what I went for and wished the Dr. he could have his lunch soon. After all it was 5:30. Poor guy. I promise I will never go back to that office again. It's the last time. I really mean. Ho ho ho happy christmas .
Trapped Ornament


gimpa said...

Hi you its good to have doctors but it is a pain waiting to see them.hope you are feeling better today .God bless you and he loves you more bigger than i do if that is poseble.Dad.

Michelle said...

Wanda, for migraine you should take Magnesium on a regular basis. I assume since you are a woman you are taking calcium aalready. Make sure that you get a 2:1 ratio of Cal to Mag. Then make sure that you take at least 5000 mg of magnesium a day. Also avoid trigger foods like red wine and chocolate. I know, impossible to do around Christmas.
You could also take Evening Primrose oil, 500 mg twice a day. Vitamin B complex 50 mg three times a day is also important. Get well. M

wandi said...

Thanks Michelle. I'll try those things.