Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I lied children, snow is bad, very bad. It's cold and yucky! You can't lick poles like you can in summer.
Shiver TongueIf you do your tongue and lips will freeze to it. Don't try it. You'll be sorry. Stay inside and play video games all winter long. Wait til the snow is all gone, and the flowers bloom. Then you can go play outside. I know it's hard to make snow angels in the grass but who cares. Trevor it's fun to cut grass isn't it? I know you like to play in the snow and shovel, but adjust okay buddy. Auntie hates to shovel her car out of 5 feet of the freezing ice water. Brrrrr. Don't make me do it. I'll cry I promise. Cheers Trevor you snow buddy you. I hope you fall in a snow bank and can't get up. Just joking. I don't really mean it. Kinda.

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