Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mercies New: by Nicole Nordeman.

Is it fair to say that I was lured away? By endless distractions and lovlier attractions then.
Or fairer still, my own free will Is the better one to blame for this familiar mess I've made again.
So I would understand, if you were out of patience , And I would understand , if I was out of chances

Your mercies are new every morning, so let me wake with the dawn. When the music is through or so it seems to be. Let me sing a new song old things gone. Every day it's true, you make all Your mercies new.

The distance between East and West, is how far You would go to forget the debt I'd owe. And thrown into the sea, the wicked ways in me will never have a chance to wash back on the sand.

So I would understand if you make me pay. I would understand lying in the bed I made again.
Up comes the sun on every one of us.
Gone gone gone the guilt and shame that knew your name.