Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thursday thirteen.
Thirteen weirdest things about Wandi.
1: I twirl my hair between my fingers. I do it almost all the time. Have since I had hair to twirl.
2: Collect way too many teddy bears. Ask my kids.
3: I love stove top stuffing and instant mashed potatos.
4: A big one, I talk to myself. Weird I know.
5: Sing to the radio in my car while people drive by and give me strange looks.
6: I can't cook until my kitchen is cleaned and organized.
7: I would clean before a house keeper came to clean my house.
8: I cry during some commercials.
9: I go to sleep cuddling a teddy bear.
10: I have to clean my cleaning cart at work before I can start to do my job.
11: I love playing video games.
12: I like the smell of gasoline and WD40.
13: Use debit for a $2.00 item.


Norma said...

I sing in the car too--then sort of do it through clenched teeth when I'm in traffic because it looks so silly when I see others doing it.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Michelle said...

Oh my, don't smell the WD40 too much, or the gasoline. They are both hormone disruptors.