Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey Tiffany how does this sound? Talk about artificial insemination. I'm sure that's not what you had in mind. Hee.
This is from a guy in New zealand. Wow. Not what you had in mind I'm sure.Hee Hee!
"Ok, so I just spent the morning helping a vet (and his lovely lady assistant) insert embryos through the sides of six cows, for anyone who doesn't know, this involves a ) shoving arm up cow (scooping excess faeces out of the way) and checking on which side the most fertile ovary is b) injecting cow in tail c) injecting cow in flank d) cutting (with a very cool gun like machine) a 5 inch slice in the cows flank e) washing arm and then pushing it through the side of the cow elbow deep, locating one arm of the uterus (looks a bit like a piece of intestin e) pulling that back so it is outside the cow and then injecting it with the embryo f) shoving uterus back inside cow g) clipping three large nail sized staples over the gaping wound, spraying it with iodine and then letting groggy cow out into the paddock where it stumbles and moans a bit."

How does that sound? Well I sure hope the human version is not so primal. ;)

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kelle said...

I hope not too! Sounds just awful!