Monday, February 13, 2006

What the Olympics is all about!

I don't know about you, but I love watching the Olympics. Not all sports are my favorites. But I like hearing about how hard these athletes work and how when they are awarded the medal, It makes the long road all that much sweeter. I was watching figure skating today. It was the pairs final skate. The Chinese couple on the left of this photo won silver. What is so amazing about this is, when the man threw the woman for a quadruple spin in the air, She fell hard. She did almost the splits and slapped her knees on the ice. She was obviously injured. Rules say that they have another chance to continue where the music left off at the time of the fall. The way it looked she was in no shape to continue. Even the announcers didn't think she would go for it. But after a few minutes of the medics checking her out, the couple decide to go for it. They went on to perform the rest of the program and won silver. I was crying. How brave. This to me is what the Olympics is all about. They got a standing ovasion from the whole crowd. At that moment it did not matter what country they were from, all flags were waving for this Chinese couple. It was so marvelous. Of course we all want to see our own countries do well, but I get such a lump in my throat to see such Peace. Wow. Way cool. Now that's good sportsmanship.


Elizabeth said...

I watched that, too!!!
I cried. Buckets!
Very inspiring!
I also enjoyed watching teh 30th skiier in men's downhill demolish the leader's time to win gold - as the last skiier!

Michelle said...

Paul said just last night "Why is Corner Gas a repeat? Who watches the stupid Olympics anyway?"

Isabella said...

I hear ya on the spirit of the olympics, my only hope is that we can celebrate our atheletes for simply getting to Torin regardless of how many medals we win. I hate the pessimism when no one remembers any moments but the medal ones!

wandi said...

Well Paul, I watch the stupid Olympics. Always have. Corner gas will wait 2 weeks. Olympics only 4 years. By the sounds of it you are thinking 4 years too soon. I just get a sense of pride to see our Canadian Athletes do what they do representing our country. Have you always hated sports or is it since you've been married. Hee ;) Just a question.