Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I love this bear, his name is called sundrop. ( see BearSt.com)

I may have over reacted with my last post. I was just in a weak state of mind last night. Feeling some what insecure. I started to think about why I blog. I came to the conclussion that the reason I started blogging was it was a way for me to vent. To talk about what ever I wanted and if people get offended then so be it. It's my blog and I have the freedom to say what I like on my blog. And I have to realize that people have the freedom to say what they want as well. I need to get a thicker skin. I do apologize to any of you who I may offend but don't take things personally. I try to always tell the truth and state my perspective on things. I realize that my perpspective is different than others, and that's okay. So if someone leaves a nasty comment, or reprimands me and embarasses me on my own blog , then I have the right to delete and get on. So I have decided to continue on in the blogging world. If no one wants to comment that's okay. I people leave comments, that's okay. If no one thinks my blogs are very interesting, so be it. I don't care. I just want to have the freedom to blog if I want to. So away I go again.


Jen said...

I agree that your blog is your blog, to do with what you want. I also think that we need to treat others as we want to be treated, making sure that if we don't want embarrasing comments left on our blogs that we don't leave embarrasing comments about others on friends blogs.

Glad you chose to keep blogging!

wandi said...

Thanks Jen duely noted. I get the message.

Carol said...

I'm sorry you had a negative comment. It does happen to the best of people even more so than in "real life" because people are protected by anonymity.
Keep up the positive self talk, take a deep breath and realize that everyone has their own point of view.

Carol said...

PS. Wandi
Would you be able to find a huggable furry friend to add to this Friendly Friday's post.
Actually Sundrop seems quite cute and adorable but perhaps you have one in the bag that is even more suitable.
What do you say?
Carol, FFMB Conductor

Jon Cox said...

I agree, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! :o) Keep blogging & if people get offended, leave bad comments & bring u down, that's their problem. Their opinion dosen't matter anyways. KEEP BLOGGING! :o) I love your posts! You've got an AWESOMELY WONDERFUL blog, KEEP IT ALIVE!!!! :o) I love the bear BTW, it's very pretty & adorable! :o)

Carol said...

Regarding the bear for Friday, you could post him on your blog (like Sunshine)or you could email whichever you choose as an attachment or you could give the url address where the particular one you chose is, on an email.
email Carol_ffmb@yahoo.ca

Carol said...

I'm going to use Sundrop, he's just so adorable!

moonlight said...

u have a very nice site, n ya template its beautiful,whatz ya favorite color?

Norma said...

You get many more comments than I do. I blog the tough stuff and the personal, the funny and the boring, the old and the new. Whatever interests me doesn't seem to arouse many others--which is why I'm here to say thank you for stopping by. Today I'm doing vacation cottage memories, so even if you don't participate, you're welcome to leave a comment.