Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Royal visit.

On friday my work had the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth come to visit. Prince Edward. He came to inspect the troops and lay a wreath at the cenotaph in honor of the men and women police officers who have died in the line of duty.
I felt kinda sorry for the Prince because it was + 32 celsius. He was dressed in a very warm looking suit. He did not rush away. He stayed and greeted the crowd and smiled for the cameras. I had a very close up view. He looked kind, and I loved it when he stopped and talked to the children. I felt very sorry for the cadets who had to march and stand on the parade square in the blazing heat. They were dressed in hot serges, long knee high boots, and trousers that I know are not breathable fabric. They all survived though. Know one passed out. I noticed as they marched off the parade square they all had very flushed faces, and looked very white around the mouth. I enjoy watching our cadets march. I get a real sense of pride. The training is sometimes very difficult. Lots of rules and they have to put up with meals from the mess. They order lots of pizza during the week and especially on weekends. So when they graduate I feel very proud, of what they accomplish. They perservere. Not all do. Many cadets drop out because they just can't take it, or ralize it's a career choice not meant for them.


Michelle said...

Too bad not all of the RCMP are honorable men. You know of whom I speak.

Kathy said...

Sure sounds like you have a "interesting" place to work, Wanda.

Anonymous said...

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