Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pros and cons of being a couple!

1) Con- no one to argue with.
2) Pro- no one to argue with.
3) Con- no one to cook for.
4) Pro- no one to complain about your cooking.
5) Con- No one to cuddle in bed.
6) Pro- You have the whole bed to your self, no fighting over covers, frilly pillows and teddy bears on bed.
7) Con- control of the remote is not mine.
8) Pro- control of the remote is all mine.
9) Con- no valentine gifts.
10) Pro- I don't have to buy valentine gifts.
11) Con- No one to talk to.
12) Pro- Sometimes talking is over rated.
13) Con- It's just lonely!
I'm afraid there is no Pro for being lonely.


Norma said...

You didn't say this was a TT, but there are 13 points, so I'm stopping by to say hi. I always appreciate your comments. The WW is lovely.

janice said...

good points! it is always good to remember the pros when complaining about the cons of couple life.