Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Mosaic time in my fair city. It's a weekend where people can attend many different pavillions to experience other cultures. There are a whole diverse group of people that host these venues. The cultures are vast. Chinese, Italian, German, Hungarian, Ukranian, Caribbean, Jamacan, ... and too many to list. I have never attended this event. All these venues serve ethnic foods and perform dance and display costumes. My daughter has been for a few years now. Last night I went to my friend La's house. You've heard me talk of her before. She is from Laos. We had sushi and spring rolls. It was a very nice time. Her momma does not speak much english at all. Only a hand ful of words. But she kept telling me to eat. She said she made for me. It was nice. I also work in a very diverse job environment. There are Italians, Loations, Native Indian, African, Chinese, Vietnamese, Yugoslavian, Ethiopian, French, and Canadian. I know I must have missed a few. Anyway my point is , who needs Mosaic ( a once a year event ) when I have Mosaic all year long at work. We do have pot lucks once in awhile and I have tried foods from many cultures. I think it is wonderful.