Sunday, June 18, 2006

Speaking of dead beat dads!

Okay I guess I was not talking about dead beat dads. I was praising my own daddy. He's wonderful. But I have to mention a certain dad that has not been so nice to his children. This dad does not talk to his children often.( for 2 years or more) He does not do things with them, or get to know them. Even when they are grown ups, he does not get to know them. I am so angry about this kind of dad. I am so sad for the children of this dead beat dad. My heart weeps for these lovely kids. They deserve so much more than him. These gorgeous children are fantastic. I feel very proud of them. They are hard working, kind, loving and wonderful. How could any dad not call his kids for over 2 years? As a parent myself, I just don't get it. My kids are everything to me. I could not go more than a few days without talking to my children. So this dead beat dad does not deserve to have a happy fathers day. He is only a doner in my opinion. I always say that anyone can be a dad, but it takes someone special to be a father. This dad is not something special. In fact grand dad is more a father to these children than their own biological dad. I just want to smack this dead beat dad up side the head and say " wake up and smell the coffee, you have beautiful children and grand children, what is wrong with you" This kind of dad is so opposite of the dad I grew up with. This kind of dad makes me even more thankful for my own daddy. My heart cries for the precious children who deserve more than what they have. They don't deserve dead beat dads. God bless all the children who have those dads that are not involved in their lives. You deserve so much more.


Michelle said...

Well, I think I know which two kids you speak of. Let me assure you that I know a guy who has stepped right in there to be a Dad to one of them. (the one he knows) and that that man loves that kid as if he were his own. :)

Imran said...

My, one angry Wandi here.
I totally agree with you, though.

To have a child is wonderful, to have several, is totally awesome.

I can never allow and forgive myself if I miss my child's growing-up years. Every step is a little miracle, a gift from The Almighty bestowed upon me, I believe.

The children are blessed to at least have beautiful hearts as they go through their lives. To have you too, to love them.

Anonymous said...

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