Thursday, October 13, 2005

I had a wonderful thanksgiving long weekend. Saturday I was so lazy. I slepted in late and had a real pajama day. I even had a nap in the afternoon. It was lovely! Sunday, I again was a lady of leisure. I slepted late ( missed church) I think God will forgive me? All weekend I felt like I was getting the flu, so I think what I needed was lots of sleep. We'll go with that. I did want to sleep a lot though. My theory is, if I'm tired, sleep! (If I can) Except when I'm at work , or when I'm driving a car! Any other time go for it.
Sunday was fun. The family got together at grandma and grandpa Miller's for turkey. Except for Jen , Jordan, and Abby. We missed you guys, but understand that you were busy, and couldn't join us.
We had great fun just relaxing, playing games, visiting. I enjoyed myself very much. My sister Peggy and I got really silly. We always manage to have a giggle whenever we get together. I have come to realize that my family has a warped sense of humor.

Peggy and I ended up in the kitchen doing dishes. I washed she dried. It was a flash back to when were kids growing up. Only we weren't fighting over a spot on a dish. Instead we were feeling quite goofy. Sister said to me" I don't know where these things go" That's when I got this hair brained idea that we should play hide the dishes. As I would pass her an item to dry, I'd say " here, put this under the pillows." So she'd set off toward mom and dad's bedroom with a pot lid and she'd be tee heeing all the way. Mom was none the wiser as she went about her business of putting leftovers away. By the end of our dish duty, we had spoons in the cheese drawer, juice jug in the linen closet, and cutlery in dad's sock drawer.

At one point mom asked us what we were laughing about. I came up with some lame excuse and mom said it was just great to hear her girls laugh together. Little did she know. We thought we were so clever playing a trick on our parents. They'd be finding misplaced dishes for days. It wasn't til later that our game kinda back fired on us. While we were playing a good game of dice, Peggy's young son Brian said he was hungry and wanted a peanut butter and jelly bun. So Peggy set off to the kitchen to make her darlin boy a snack. It was only seconds of her being gone when I heard giggles coming from the other room. She returned and whispered to me" all the knives are in dad's drawer". Well once again came forth gales of laughter. Not too long after that dad came walking out of his bedroom holding a handful of cutlery, asking " who put these in my sock drawer?" Oh Oh busted. It was lots of fun getting silly and acting like children.

I hope everyone else had a fun and happy thanksgiving.


Patricia Miller said...

HI there it was fun to see you girls laugh, though you playing a trick on us. It was fun to find cake pans in strange places.
Well I think we have found everything. Ohh oh. found somethng else in a strange place, just another thing to smile about, through the stresses of life we need that.
Thank you, Mom

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »