Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pants Falling Down

I've mentioned that I'm on weight watchers. Last week ( 1st week ) was good. I
lost weight. Today I was feeling pretty terrific about myself. I had energy and
my jeans were feeling loose. Really loose! I started to get excited. Wow! This
diet really works. But surely not so fast as for me to feel like my pants are
falling off. Could that be possible? Maybe. I put the thought of diet and
weight loss out of my mind, and tried to focus on my tasks at hand. I went into
a cadets room to do some cleaning. I like to stand back and inspect my work to
make sure I don't miss anything. As my eyes scanned up over the sink then the
mirror, I caught a glimpse of myself. I let out a horrified gasp. It was then I
came to realize the reason for my drooping drawers. No wonder people were
looking at me strangely as they passed by me. My fly was open, exposing my big,
blue, flowered undies for all the world to see. How embarrassing! In the future, if it
feels like my clothing is loose, you can be sure I'm going to check and see if
I'm properly put together.

Shy Girl

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Patricia Miller said...

Ha ha ha ha ha laughing is so good like medicine . Good to see you laugh at yourself. Your writing has gotten much lighter tone and funny. Your a wonderful writer Wandi. You should do more of it. This would be something funny to put in the newsletter at a future date. Whenever the board decides it should go ahead.
Well Wandi It is so incouraging to see your have a different focus and feeling better about yourself PTL. I am still praying for you each and every day. The Lord gave you a rainbow yesterday to laugh at yourself and that is great.
I love you My sweetie Patricia Miller