Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today I to said goodbye to a good friend. We were close this friend and I. Ours was a relationship of true comfort. We'd hang out any time just watching T.V. Many times we'd cook or clean together. My friend would always be there to welcome me, which was so nice, especially if I had a bad day. Lately this friend has let me down big time! So it is great sadness that I must say goodbye.

I'm talking about my favorite pair of sweat pants. Family and close friends, you know the ones of which I speak. You've seen me in them on many occasions. (never out of the house though) .You've probably wondered to yourselves " what is she thinking wearing those hideous pants." Well they were sooo comfortable. I've gotten good use out of them over the last 10 years or so. Even when they were filled with holes ,I still wore them. Even when the elastic waist band finally gave out , I still wore them. I think I'm ready to let them go. After all why should we keep things around when they are no longer dependable.

It feels kinda strange. What's appropriate for an occasion such as this? Do I say a few words?
Do I pause for a moment of silence? Before you start thinking I've gone totally mad, ....wait! I know many of you have , or have had a particular piece of clothing that you absolutely love. It may be a shirt, pants, or underwear that makes you feel so good, like you're getting a big hug whenever you wear it. If you do ,then I'm sure you can sympathize with me. Don't worry family, I haven't completely snapped! There were no words, ceremonies, or moments of silence. I just walked them gingerly to the garbage without looking back. I must admit I did save a few pieces of the lovely pink fabric for cleaning rags. It just won't be the same.


Michelle said...

You wont need those sweats Wanda. They wont fit you what with your new diet and exercise program. Great forethought!!

Patricia Miller said...

Good for you they did become your security blanket.As a child it is hard to let go of things that are secure and comfortable. You are now an adult ready to let go of things in the past that have draged you down. It is time for growth God has given you rest and comfort, he is your security and stability. hang on to hiw with all your woth he will give you all the strenght you need. Now go and rest in God.
Wandi I too am going through a hard time since the closing of the newsletter. I have not been able to sleep. Nite before 4hours last night 3 hours. I have been sharing my thoughts and feelings with another Christian on line and she past on some wonderful advise to me that I needed to be reminded of. She is a great prayer warrior. She is one of my writer friends a black lady., much younger than me but so wise. I thank God for her.
See you later this weekend Sunday 4Pm supper .MOM
Patricia Miller