Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What a great big diverse world.

A song from childhood is going through my mind right now. It's a song I learned in sunday school many years ago. " Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight."
This world we live in is such a diverse place to be. Take my work place for example. In my department alone there are women from Laos, China, Vietnam, Africa, Chile, Italy, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Germany, Phillipines, ..... and some I'm sure I've forgotten. I find it so interesting to listen to these womens stories. A lot of heart ache, and trials. But what they have gone through has made them the strong women that they are today. Many of these women came to Canada as imigrants from refugee camps. Very hard lives filled with starvation, illness, war, torture, and uncertainty. As I sit and listen I'm filled with amazement and awe. I've had heart ache in my life but nothing compared to what most of these women have had to endure. It makes me thankful to be born in a country like Canada. We have food, warm houses, jobs, freedom of speech( sometimes too much freedom of speech) We can voice our opinions without fear of being thrown in jail. We have the freedom of choice. Lots of choice. Many of my co workers had no choice. My chinese friend had to work in her aunts hair salon at 14. She was also responsible for her other younger cousins. She had no choice. Her family couldn't afford to care for her, plus there was war happening around her. She did not have the choice of going to school at the age of 14. Her and her family did end up in a refugee camp. They became seperated. Finally in her twenties she was able to imigrate to Canada. Things still were not easy for her when she got here. She found herself in a strange, freezing country, not speaking the language, no material wealth to speak of and a single mom of a baby son. She had to find a job, take the baby on the bus to a sitter, then head to work. How tuff. I could relate to the bus in the middle of winter but not having to travel on it with a baby and groceries. 20 years later, my friend has survived. her son is grown and working. She is a strong hard working woman. I admire her. I admire all these women that I work with. They are all beautiful to me. Not a beauty on the surface, but a beauty that comes from within. These women have been given a lot in life and have accepted it. Not loving it I'm sure but chosing to rise above it. In spite of what these gorgeous women have had to endure they are still able to find humor in things. I say cheers to all my diverse co- workers. I except you for who you are , I don't judge you, and right now I'm giving you a standing Ovation.